Hackathon Community

Organisation of Social Hackathons

The organisation of a Social Hackathon is a long-lasting and challenging process that involves many different aspects (logistics, communication and dissemination, health and safety, technological equipment, composition of the jury, accommodation and catering, social activities, etc.) which will be clearly explained in the Piloting Guidelines provided by the project.

HackAD will organize National Hackathons, 3 days long digital co-creation events at national level where all the participants involved in the Social Hackademy Labs will be invited to work in team and compete to produce a digital solution to one of the social challenges proposed by the CSOs.

Each event (the Hackathon) will last 48 continuous hours and it will take place in a safe and controlled venue, whose access will be regulated by an accreditation system. There will be three types of accreditation:
– Staff: all those involved in organizing the event
– Hacker: young people trained in digital skills
– Expert: trainers/team managers, representatives of the selected CSOs, members of the jury, etc.

The venue will remain open 24/24 hours starting at 20:00 on the first day to 20:00 of the third day. From 24:00, if there are no participants in the building, this will be closed and reopened the next morning at 6:00.

Hackathons will be organized in 2021.

Community Building

Community building and Hackathon support will be provided by the Social Hackademy Online Platform. This Platform represents an online space for education, assessment, exchange and community building among young people, trainers, external experts from all sectors, and other stakeholders. It will provide eLearning and peer learning services, support assessment of acquired competences and award badges, showcase Hackathon outcomes and products and support the establishment of online virtual communities. The platform will include tools to offer a personalized experience to its registered users and to support special interest groups, a repository of documents and OERs, gallery of Hackathon outcomes, instant messaging, forums and blogs, teleconferencing, indexing and searching, etc. Registration to the platform will be free.