Hackathon Croatia

The Social Hackathon was held from Thursday, June 9 2021, to Sunday, June 13 2021 at the Rijeka Center for Technical Culture.

A hard-working team of young people from all over Croatia had been studying and preparing for participation in the social Hackathon for almost three months. They had been educated in the field of graphic design, web design and the development of native mobile applications, and offered their newly acquired knowledge to the community in collaboration with mentors during the 48-hour Hackathon.

Highlights from the Hackathon

In Croatia, most memorable thing about the Hackathon was the experience that the participants had. Majority of participants (both young learners and CSOs) didn’t have any prior experience with any kind of hackathons, so they really didn’t know what to expect, but the impact the Hackathon had on them is significant. Most of the participants expressed the wish to participate in another hackathon, and this is important as it proves that the this methodology is sustainable.
Another important thing is that, due to the good experience that the learners and CSOs had during the piloting period, the interest in further collaboration is high. Co-creation process between some of the learners and CSO continues, and the new cycle of training courses with extended duration is already underway.