Web Design Learning Objectives

The course is focused on teaching participants the basics of how the web works, how to create websites using content management systems, and understand all the different segments of creating a website.

The participants will gain basic digital knowledge and skills about:
– the ways web is structured and delivered to users,
– the languages that make the web and the libraries that make website creation easier,
– working with servers,
– using content management systems,
– publishing the website online.

Besides digital skills, in this course the users are encouraged to think critically, be creative, work in teams and use the assets at their disposal to create solutions, thus they will have the chance to improve their entrepreneurial skills and skills for 21st century.


A student who attends most of the classes, does the assignments and actively participates in the course should, by the end of the course, gain following competences:

DigComp 2.1 -> Competence Area 3: Creation of Digital Content -> Competence 3.1 – Developing content -> Level 3 – Intermediate

EntreComp -> Competence Area 1: Ideas & Opportunities -> Competence 1.2 – Creativity

EntreComp -> Competence Area 3: Into action -> Competence 3.5 – Learn by doing