The social hackademy methodology

Future jobs, local digital talent and new educational approaches are the three main pillars of the Social Hackademy proposed and promoted by the #hackAD European partnership. The Social Hackademy Methodology presents the conceptual and operational elements that have characterized the consolidation of a good practice in the field of digital skills for social innovation into a permanent laboratory of grassroots digital co-creation initiatives.

The main objective is to describe a detailed methodology for the establishment and exploitation of a local Social Hackademy, in a way that can be transferred and readily applied in the countries represented in the partnership and possibly scaled-up at European level.

Starting from the presentation of the selected best practice (the Social Hackathon Umbria), the document will mostly focus on (1) the implementation of trainings with young socially excluded people, (2) the organization and implementation of a Social Hackathon, and (3) the usage of an online platform for training young people and fostering of communities.