Public Libraries 2030

Public Libraries 2030 is a non-profit organisation that grew out of Public Libraries 2020 programme funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The original programme began in 2014 and aimed to put public libraries on the EU agenda and raise awareness of the important role they play in life-long learning and literacy.
Building on the network of library leaders and European policy-makers which came together under PL2020, PL2030 works to give libraries across Europe an extra edge through the curation of innovative projects and effective advocacy.

The team also links policy makers, businesses and civil society groups with a pan-European network of public spaces that are ideally placed to raise civic awareness on major societal challenges, develop citizens’ basic literacy and digital skills, and test new ideas. In Brussels, the team advocates on behalf of public libraries to create a policy and funding space that empowers libraries to deliver on EU objectives.
PL2030 focuses in particular on the role of libraries in improving basic digital skills. PL2030’s annual exhibition, Generation Code: Born at the Library, identifies and showcases how Europe’s public libraries are empowering communities to meet the challenges of our digital age, in partnership with EU Code Week.
Public Libraries 2030 is run by the Director with support from the Head of Operations, who both report to the PL2030 board members, representing leading libraries in Europe.

PL2030 has 8 founding members who represent leading libraries in Europe ( – in addition to that we have an (informal) partner network of around 30 libraries from across Europe and with whom we work closely on projects and advocacy.


Ms. Ilona Kish