Successful completion of the training courses in Greece

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The training courses hosted by the Hellenic Open University were successfully completed in 18th of June 2021.

From the 90 trainees that initially were registered in the three courses, 43 successfully completed the assignments and were eligible for a certificate award.

A total of 100 training hours were provided for three courses:

  • Web design, where 12 trainees completed the course
  • Mobile Apps development, where 17 trainees completed the course and
  • Graphics design where 14 trainees completed the course

The courses were provided on line due to the national restrictions posed by the COVID19 pandemic. It was a rewarding experience for both trainers and trainees with a lot of ‘hands on experience’ and problem-solving situations.

Testimonials from the courses (amongst them, testimonials from Greek trainees), can be found at:

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