Croatian Social Hackademy Lab is very active

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There are almost three months since we have launched Social Hackademy Lab in Rijeka, Croatia. There are young people from all parts of Croatia that started the #Hackad journey. Now, we are finalising everything for Social Hackathon that will happen in the middle of June 2021.

Among 33 young people involved in #Hackad training, 20 of them finished the training on Visual and graphic design, 19 finished Web design training and 13 of them are finishing the Native mobile app development. During their involvement in the training Croatian students got the opportunity to collaborate on the development of digital solutions for real clients – civil society organisations from all over Croatia. They were developing logos, visual identities, websites and some of them are now working on mobile applications. Here are some of the solutions they created.

The organisation Borders: None asked for additional visual elements of their visual identity, so the task for the trainees was to develop a memo and ppt template.

Memo and PPT template developed for Borders: None

The Scout association of Rijeka wanted to receive a new logo for their organisation – here is the wining logo:

The Scout association of Rijeka new logo

Here are some logos that the youngsters who participated in Visual and graphic design training have developed for the project Fencing Fechten Escrime Mačevanje.

Multiple logos designed by students

They’ve chosen to use this one!

New logo for project Fencing Fechten Escrime Mačevanje

During April the Web design team worked on development of few webpages. They were developing the web page for the project Stressless sport for the organisation Lotina kutija. Also, they worked on the new webpages for the youth organisations Ocean of knowledge and Independent youth association. They will be public soon.

The Native mobile app development group is currently learning about how to create mobile apps. To gain experience from the real world, they will be creating apps for Fencing Fechten Escrime Mačevanje to help them with the applications for the tournaments, and for the Center for peace, nonviolence and human rights Osijek to help their users get access to free legal advice through a mobile application.

Also, the Croatian Social Hackathon call is out. The challenges are: (1) A healthy mind in a healthy body, (2) Knowledge is Power!, (3) Do what you love and (4) Peace, bro! We are very excited to see the results of the event.

Author: Ivan Mušanović (CTC Rijeka)

Article photos by CTC Rijeka

Featured photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

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