Social Hackademy Lab launch in Umbria, Italy

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On Monday, 15th March 2021, EGInA and CrHack Lab launched the Social Hackademy Lab in Umbria, a region in the very centre of Italy. The Lab consists of six training courses for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and a Social Hackathon where training course participants will use their new skills and competences to develop solutions for societal challenges from their local realities.

The training courses will teach young people digital competencies and its application on the social topics. The students will be engaged in real projects in collaboration with local organizations from the social sector to develop creative digital solutions to social issues already during the training.

The organizations will describe their needs and challenges to the students who, with the support of a professional guide, will research and design answers to their problems with the use of creativity and digital technology.

The courses cover a range of digital skills which could also integrate in one project. Starting with the main creative digital competences, graphic design, web design and app development courses which were developed in the #hackAD project. The Social Hackademy Lab in Umbria also offers programmes on digital storytelling, the use of social media for the promotion of events and VR for social purposes.

At the end of the course all students will also take part to the Social Hackaton Umbria (SHU).

Here is a brief introduction of the local organizations that joined Social Hackademy project and will be involved in the project piloting activities:

Centro ATLAS Perugia, an association of professionals from different sectors which develop art therapy and technological mediation projects for adults and kids.

Prenditi Cura di te, which in English translates as “Take care of yourself”, is an organization working on raising awareness, providing and spreading information about cancer, strengthening prevention as well as supporting and assisting cancer patients.

Beyond What they sell, a project aiming to tackle sexism, sexualization, violence against women in the mass media and in everyday life.

NoGap Orvieto, a no-profit organization working on the reduction of the social gaps effecting disadvantages and disabled people.

Anlaids, a National association for the fight against AIDS.

AVIS, a National organization working in awareness raising and promotion of blood donation.

EATUmbria, Viaggi Perigolosi founded to spread food tradition and recipes from the region of Umbria and organizing food itineraries for tourists.

La Locomotiva, a social enterprise which creates and offers services for people with disabilities, from education to social health.

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