Generation Code: Born at the Library is going online this year!

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This interactive exhibition showcases the top innovative digital exhibits from public libraries across the EU. Europe’s 65,000 public libraries are a uniquely accessible space for users (both children and adults) to improve their digital skills. In the EU, over 2,3 million people a year attend a digital literacy course in their library, learning anything from basic digital skills to coding. It is a time for celebrating the amazing work that public libraries do every day in filling the digital gap of our communities.

As library buildings shut across Europe this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, libraries quickly moved to online activities to maintain contact with their community. Public Libraries 2030 (PL2030) are excited to present what public libraries across the EU have been doing for digital education and digital societies in a time where we cannot always meet in person.

Take part in Generation Code: Born at the Library on October 13 and 14 and find out what Europe’s libraries have to offer when the buildings are shut and more online activities! Check the event programme here.

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