#HackAD Course outlines

Finalized Course Outlines represent the first milestone of the #HackAD project and are addressed to the trainers and serve as an essential point of reference for the non-formal education of socially excluded young people. They are pivotal for equipping young people with competencies that will enable them to participate in the hackathons and use them in personal and professional capacity.

The specific Courses were chosen on the Course Outlines were developed on the basis of evaluation and analysis of the Social Hackademy Methodology which was developed in 2016 in Umbria as the Italian final event of the Generation0101 project.

The courses cover three specific topics. The selection of topics was based on 3 main criteria:
1. Topics interest young people.
2. Topics cover the skills and knowledge young people can use in the digital environment.
3. These skills and knowledge have proven to be valuable for achieving high-quality projects in the past editions of Social Hackathons.

Based on the criteria the consortium developed curriculums for training courses on 3 topics:
– Native mobile app development
– Web design
– Visual and Graphic Design

The curriculum for the three courses includes 40 hours of training for Native Mobile App Development and Web Design, while Visual and Graphic Design course is 20 hours long. After the training, the participants will gain competencies that are aligned with DigComp 2.0 competence framework, and also EntreComp and P21 competencies related to creativity, teamwork, etc.

The Training Course Outlines comprise of digital and transferrable competences and define the educational requirements in terms of learning outcomes. They follow the participatory methodology and use innovative lessons to enable the participants to acquire practical skillset in a limited amount of time. Additionally, Outlines contain a lot of useful information for trainers regarding the equipment needed to implement the activities and other prerequisites for attending the course such as basic computer skills, recommended instructional methods, etc.

The courses do not contribute only to the personal and professional development of young people but also empower them to take a more active role in their societies.

The Training Course Outlines will be accompanied by a collection of Open Educational Resources (OERs) to provide the trainers with the materials for training activities including concrete examples, presentations, infographics, exercises as well as pedagogical and didactical materials used to foster the social dimension of the training. The OERs will be available in September 2020.

Training Course Outlines are available in English, Croatian, French, Greek and Italian language:

Web design Training Course Outline

Visual and Graphic Design Training Course Outline

Native Mobile App Development Training Course Outline